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Classes for professionals

AF  Limassol  offers business and / or finance orientated classes, as well as specialized language training for the hotel industry and public administration. The list is not limited to the above industries.

Perfect for fast and targeted learning.Tailored-made offer.


Group classes

All levels taught from primary (6 years old) to adults.


Classes for our little ones

Since 2013, AF Limassol  seeks to promote the French language to the children of its city by offering French lessons in various kindergartens. To strengthen early learning French, we now offer courses for young children (between 6 and 8 years).

Private Class at home

AF Limassol provides private classes at your home.

A teacher is especially dedicated to this mission, comes to your home and offers personalized private lessons.

Catch up classes

Your exam is coming soon and you are not certain if you are well prepared for it?  AF Limassol offers tailored-made catch-up classes. Our teachers can propose to evaluate your skills, to fill in the gaps and prepare you specifically for your exam.

Classes for French-speaking children

French teachers support courses dedicated to Francophone children so they can follow French school's program.


Adapted methods for a strong French language education.


Private classes  (one-to-one)

Private lessons can be taught in our premises. They allow the student to receive a personalized learning of the French language and are tailored to his level.

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